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Kuroshi :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 14 3
Love Games
His whims: my amusement
My heart: his goal.
His bed: our playground.
- A short poem for my Heather and Kuroshi
And just for fun, let's have a chapter excerpt too! This one's taken from "Without Light" chapter 11, though I think it's more suited to Ch.13: Touch, Taste and Overly Chaste.
Herein Heather tries to convince her dragon master to let her take a bath... by herself
Please enjoy:
Heather sat on Kuroshi's oversized, comfortable bed, simply watching him, yet found herself terribly nervous. He usually left, early, and didn't return until the morning. But tonight he'd mentioned something about tucking her in and stayed late. Apparently he'd read of the practice in one of his books, and wanted to try it, since it seemed something a good pet owner would do, but she wasn't sure she appreciated the sentiment.
Just what kinda books is he reading? Hopefully they were kid's books and not romance novels. Just what would 'tucking her in' entail?
The sun had already sunk low in the sky
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 10 7
Mature content
Sacrifice :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 13 12
Without Light Ch.1
He bought me for the taste of my blood and the pain in my eyes. Ever since my father left, I've hated men, so I knew I'd hate Kuroshi from the moment we met. I hated his powerful body and glaring red eyes. The way he'd wrap his arms around me and press those fangs to my neck. I hated how he'd pin me down and make me beg or hold me up and piss me off. I hated his sarcasm and his wit. The only thing I didn't hate? That fine line between hatred and love. That and well, maybe the taste of his kiss.
Chapter one: Hikaru
"I'm sorry, Hikaru. I love you. I truly do…"
Her father's trembling voice whispered to her, somehow: dancing on the night's winds. She didn't recall the words in the morning, and nor did she see the man who'd spoken them. In fact, Heather Hikaru noticed only two things that day: the dark, empty halls of her suburban home, more lonesome than she'd ever known them… And mother's tears: that steady, unending flow of pure, refined misery…
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 11 26
Mature content
Marks :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 13 5
They play with the elements like toys, with magic in their blood, death at their fangs and life itself in the palm of their hands. Or something like that. It's not so cool when you're the girl being sold off to a Shiren. Even if he is really hot.
He had red eyes. I had brown.
Chains around my feet and nothing but a pricetag to my name.
As for him? Well he had a mountain of gold and a taste for fresh meat.
Let's just say things got interesting.
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 30 13
Love at First Sight
Purebred in captivity
112lbs, Height: 65siv
Skintone: Snow
Display Only
"The shining night's star," Chris read aloud, trying to pronounce the foreign name. "Estelle?"
The Pet within raised her beautiful head to look his way and Chris felt his whole body seize up.
He'd heard the term 'starstruck' but never understood it until just then. Yet this was something so much more intense: moonstruck, perhaps, in an almost literal sense. It felt as if something massive had crashed down and shaken his world to the very core. Suddenly he couldn't think, let alone speak, but felt only able to stare.
The glass case itself had been meticulously decorated to create the perfect environment. Soft, magically realistic night sky covered the three walls that were not glass, and the flooring seemed to be a cleverly disguised waterbed, draped in rich blues and blacks to mimic the dark, endless heavens, but even in this gorgeous environment, it was the breathtaking beauty of the showcased Pet that hands down
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 22 0
Mature content
Kaleidoscope :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 31 18
Mature content
Kintrasero :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 2 0
Prejudice by xCrystalynnx Prejudice :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 5 1
Mature content
Chris and Estelle Yaoi :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 67 21
Without Light
She was just the girl who'd wandered too deep into the woods. And he, a fire-breathing dragon, hidden behind a handsome human face. Surely the two could never, ever… Fall in love.
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 93 37
Myself as a Pet by xCrystalynnx Myself as a Pet :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 8 12
He was something new.
The first time I ever saw a butterfly. I wanted it.
In my hands. In my heart. Forever.
Why? Well who knows things like that?
When we met, the feeling was no different.
Like a moth to flame. Warmth at my fingertips. Fire in his eyes.
I wanted him, knowing I shouldn't touch.
He was stronger. Taller. Not a butterfly after all. Despite his name.
The moment I started chasing, he turned around, swooped right down
and caught me instead.
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 25 3
Without Light
The dragon prince hissed, "I think you've forgotten your place." Then leaned back down, powerful grip tightened, and licked the blood from her neck. Those fangs scraped, perfectly sadistic, reminding he could touch her, like no other human ever dared.
-End Sneak Peek!
"Without Light"
Book One

Chapter 1
Author Notes: Without Light has hit 1,049 visitors this month alone, from 36 different countries, last month was 1,893 with 893 in the month prior to that. Like a roller coaster ride! I'm so glad you guys are having fun! Everyone seems to love chapter four and the handsome Chris Avalon. :)
In accordance, I have shortened the chapters prior to four, with this first being less than 2,000 words. Less filler. More action. Just for you.
Updates are posted at LEAST every Friday, i
:iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 6 2
Crystalynn by xCrystalynnx Crystalynn :iconxcrystalynnx:xCrystalynnx 2 6


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I need to stop neglecting this DA account. XD It's so much fun here! I mostly just lurk when I should be posting art!
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United States
I am obsessed with writing and will one day be a published author, as well as a Psych counselor.

I love fantasy, traps, dragons and romance with sexual tension or love/hate relationships.

I have an official author page on facebook:

Please call me Crys.

* ALL visual art is by commission or stock photo. I claim NO rights to any images. Only literature. * If the photo is of myself I will clearly say so in the description.

Favourite genre of music: jpop


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hey i just finnished reading your story i love it please tell me when your uploading the next chapther^^
xCrystalynnx Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Aww thank you. The next one should be up now. If you have a fictionpress name or a nickname you'd like me to send a shoutout to for the next chapter, just leave it in your review! :)
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no i don't have that but thanks anyway yes next chapter is up^^
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I saw you at the con. :D You had great cosplays.
xCrystalynnx Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012
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Cool. :D
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there is only one word that describe your work here: awesome.
stories: perfect.
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Thank you! :) Please feel free to drop by fictionpress too! There's a contest going on and anyone who leaves reviews on fictionpress is automatically entered to win!
crazybean13 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
I loved reading Without Light of fictionpress and I am so looking forward to when the actual book comes out. You are super talented and inspire me to write =)
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awww ty so much!
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